Don’t Feed the Animals…

We met straightaway after work to have a drink, to catch up after having not seen each other for awhile. Friends called and suggested another bar. Before we knew it, hours had passed and we were in a cab on the way to yet a third bar.

Me: I’m so hungry. We simply *must* stop and get some food.
Him: No. We’ll find something near the bar.
Me: I’m starving. I didn’t eat dinner.
Him: We’re not stopping.
Me: I’m staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving. We don’t have to get a meal; a slice of pizza will do.
Him: No.

The light turned red, the driver screeched to a halt. Having been silent up to this point, he turned around, faced us, and in a tremendous baritone aimed at my companion, said, “FEED THE LADY!”

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