Perfect Day

I listen to the Lou Reed song and think, that is a perfect day. Today, I had my own version.

Awakening to sun streaming in the windows
Driving through San Francisco in Stas’ convertible
Singing Elvis songs to each other, much to the bemusement of pedestrians
Enjoying fried egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches on crispy sourdough toast at our favorite Sunday brunch spot, Hi-Dive
Relaxing at our favorite overlook, Point Bonita just across the bay, perfect blue skies above us
Marveling at Rodin’s masterpieces at the Legion of Honor
Hearing an impromptu pipe organ concert, feeling the reverberations of the pipes in our bones
Sharing pickles from the Russian deli, savoring the perfect combination of onions, garlic, and dill
Then home, glad that I spent it with you.

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