My Worst Nightmare

“You should come to our anniversary party tomorrow night…”

It sounded like fun. I had heard of their website, back when I worked in tech. I had seen them at awards shows. They seemed like fun people. They seemed like they would have a fun party.

“So, like, when everyone walks in, their picture gets taken, and then it’s posted to the web, and it can be rated, hot or not, real time, and we’ll scroll people’s pictures and their scores on the wall, live time. Isn’t that awesome?”

I looked at him in disbelief. Awesome? So not. That was, without a doubt, my absolute worst nightmare. To have someone take a random picture of me, unsuspecting, post it to the web, and then have anyone and their brother rate me? Oh, please no.

But yes. It did happen. Tonight. And as my picture scrolled, 10 feet high, against the barren wall, I noticed (though I tried not to) my score. And smiled. I guess I was hot after all.

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