Here Kitty, Kitty….

As a joke, Stas set my cell phone ringer to meow. I abhor ring tones. I don’t want a song to play every time someone calls me; I don’t want an obnoxious racket. I rarely hear my phone when it rings; I’m much less likely to realize I’ve got a call if I don’t hear a traditional ring, ring, ring. I haven’t figured out how to change the ring tone, so for now I’m stuck with a cat in my bag.

While riding BART, I received a call. As I unzipped my purse, the annoying meowing got louder and louder. As I fumbled to open my flip phone, I noticed the passengers near me glancing around and questioning, “Do you hear a cat?” “I didn’t realize animals were allowed on BART.” “Where’s that coming from?”

That settled it. I’m not changing my ring tone. Because now, even when I don’t hear my phone, I’ll know I’ve got a call when people start looking for the cat.

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