United Tours

Little did I know that my usually uneventful trip from SFO to DEN would be so fact filled. The pilot enjoyed pointing out geographical points of interest throughout the 2 hour trip. Sample here:

“To your right you’ll witness the Sierra mountains with a few snow capped peaks, a lovely sight to see.”

“We’re now flying over Yosemite Valley. Look to the right and try to find its most unique formation, Half Dome. It’s called that because it looks like a dome was sheared clear in half.”

“Now to our left you’ll see the Great Salt Flats. That’s where many speed records are set. Also take a look at the Great Salt Lake. No not that one. The one farther away, mostly white. Highest salt content in the world.”

“Now we’re crossing over Promontory. That’s where the Golden Spike was placed, joining the first transcontinental railroad in the world in the year 1869.”

“Look down to your right and you’ll see where the Colorado River meets the San Juan River. We’re also passing over Arches National Monument, and there’s Lake Powell, and now you can see the Canyon Lands. There all quite unique formations, very fun to see. If you get the chance, you should drive out here – it’s well worth it.”

But if I drove, I wouldn’t get the fabulous geography lesson…

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