“Food…” we all concurred, and with that ordered breakfast burritos, fruit cups, and fresh orange juice. We ate quickly, laughing, anticipating the adventure about to enwrap us. I glanced at the large red Satan-like numbers on the digital clock. “Hey! Our flight leaves in 20 minutes; let’s get going!” The others implored me to relax, not to be so uptight, we were on vacation, what’s the big deal?

As we arrived to the gate, there were no passengers in sight. The United gate agent, slightly perturbed by our lateness, inquired, “Were you on a connecting flight?” Emily and Stas looked away. I stammered, “No… there was a really long line at baggage check-in.” As we walked down the gangway I turned to my companions, smirking at my obvious lie.

“It’s true. There was a long line at baggage check-in. When we were there an hour ago. Before leisurely eating breakfast…” I giggled.

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