Bright, Shiny Objects

I know I should have been paying attention to her words, but her outfit captivated me. The interviewee sat across from me, chronicling her accomplishments in her current job, detailing what she could bring to the new job, and my eyes were fixated. She was wearing the most intensely blue, deep turquoise, chiffon-y blouse I’ve ever seen, with eye shadow to match. The blue was richer than any hue I’ve ever seen. Free associations, words, chased by images, danced through my head: peacocks, sapphires, Caribbean, azure, bubble gum ice cream, tiles in the mosque, county fair spun cotton candy, … I snapped out of my trance. She was smiling at me, obviously finished with what she had to offer.

“Great. I’ll see what I can blue. Do. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for your time.”

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