3F, 4F

It was a surprise. We arrived at the Magic Theatre, I having no idea of what we were to see. I read the back of the brochure hurriedly thrust into my hands:

“Repressed desires and buried secrets resonate in apartment 3F, where Alfred and Myrna’s marriage of 34 years has become an exercise in protecting the status quo. Their world is turned upside down when two outlandish young men move in upstairs and a Hawaiian love goddess starts appearing naked across the street.”

The play had twists and surprises. Occasionally I laughed. It didn’t make me cry; it didn’t resonate as the best play ever. But it did make me think. About love.

After the play was over we discovered it was “discussion night.” The actors and actresses came back after the encore to discuss the play with the audience. There was a character in the play that was beautiful. Kahula was her name. She gave a speech, several in fact, about joining a community of love, for only $5000, after passing a test that required answers to such questions as “When you say the word love, where does it come from?” and “What does love taste like?” Most of the theater goers referred to Kahula as a con-artist. I turned to my companion. “She made people believe love exists. She gave them hope. She’s an angel sent to earth.”

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