What Not To Do

Ring. Ring.

“How about dinner on Thursday?” he asked.
“No, I’ve got other plans.”
“A raincheck?” he continued.

The dilemma. Do I tell him I have other plans for every date he suggests and hope he gets tired of asking – the rather passive approach to ending a non-relationship, or do I directly tell him not to call anymore? I choose the latter.

I clear my throat. “Well. No. I don’t want to go out again. Thanks, though.”
“Why not?”
“I just don’t. The last time we went out I felt uncomfortable and I’d rather not go out again.”


Now he clears his throat, “Okay. But let me list all the things that you’ve done (on the TWO dates we’ve gone out on – emphasis mine) that have made you unattractive to me. I didn’t like it when you…”

More curious than anything at this point, I listen. This has to be going somewhere.

After listing several things that I did that he didn’t like he ends with, “And in spite of all of these things, I am still willing to give you another chance.”

Now it is my turn to pause. I’ve dated a lot of men. I’ve broken up with many men. But I have never, ever had a man try to convince me to continue dating him by detailing all the things that he dislikes about me. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing the success rate, probably not so high.

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