Cast of…

We go there for its laid back atmosphere. It’s never crowded; we always sit at the sushi bar and banter with the chefs. After an evening at the museum, that was what we wanted – a place to unwind, to talk, to enjoy good food.

Why was every seat in the restaurant taken, along with every seat at the sushi bar? On a Thursday night? I had never seen this many people at this sleepy neighborhood joint in all my visits there. Combined. And there was music. Of sorts. An older woman with makeup caked on, a Glamour Shots shoot gone awry, crooned at one end of the room.

We looked around. It was an … artsy crowd. Lots of mismatched clothes. Juxtaposition of ghastly white skin and India ink black hair. Blood red lips and heavily kohled eyes.

We noticed a flyer. “The Queen of Jazz” cd release party, March 3, 7-10 pm. That explains it. The woman sitting at the sushi bar to our right was saying, “And what kind of mascara do you find best?” He replied, with a flourish, “Well, I use it all… You really aren’t going to make me choose, dear, are you???”

After perusing the room for a few moments we raised our eyebrows at each other.
“Do you…” I started.
“…think we stand out?” he finished.
“Yeah,” I replied, “But why?”
He paused then smirked, “Maybe that we’re the only normal ones in here?”

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