Stalker Chef

We decided to get her a week of personal chef services. Here she was, a good friend, almost 8 months pregnant, and here we were, four non-mothers, not really wanting to venture to Baby’s R Us for the latest in onesies, twosies, or whatever else is in fashion for babies at the moment.

I called the chef and left a message. Yes, it was somewhat last minute. I called on Thursday; we wanted to give her the gift certificate on Sunday. I called again on Friday, requesting a call back at either work or home. No reply. We made our own homemade gift certificate, presented it to our friend, and explained the real one was forthcoming.

Chef Jennifer had come highly recommended. A week went by. I called again. No reply. Slightly perturbed, I left a final message to the extent that I wanted to purchase her services but couldn’t because she wouldn’t return my calls.

I returned from my meeting to a red light illuminated on my phone at work. Two messages from Chef Jennifer. I didn’t have time to return her call before leaving for the day.

I arrived home. “You have 5 new messages…” blinked the display screen on my answering machine. Chef Jennifer. Chef Jennifer. Chef Jennifer. Chef Jennifer. Chef Jennifer.

“Hi, Ms. McLeese. Just calling to check in. I guess you’re not there. I’ll call back in an hour.”

Is this really someone I should send to a friend’s home?

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