So Blue

Five angels, head to toe in blue, walking in formation. The Blue Angels!

It was a clever idea. One thought of last November. We’ve been waiting all year to execute it for Halloween, nervous we would forget it come October. But we haven’t.

Tonight was the night to put finishing touches on our costumes. This involved spray painting white boots blue and transforming our white wings into glittery blue ones. We planned to do it in the courtyard at my apartment building, but rain was ominous.

“I have several dropcloths; let’s just spread them out and we can spray paint them in my living room.”

Better idea in theory than in execution. Or maybe not. Such a good idea in theory, that is.

In my apartment I now have 5 pairs of blue boots, 5 sets of glittery blue wings, and sparkly blue hardwood floors. And couch. And rug. Good thing I like blue.

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