Viva Las Vegas

We really were there for work. But the Blackjack tables beckoned as sirens to sailors, “Lori, Lori, come closer, here, here…”

My goal was to leave the tables in time to grab something to eat at Burger King before it closed at 3:30. AM, not PM. I had skipped dinner in lieu of an in between conference sessions swim. And I was getting hungry.

One hand after another. 20. 21. 19. 21. 18. Dealer busts. I glanced up and noticed the lights of B and K flickering.

“What time is it?” I exclaimed with dismay.

My table mates, a lovin’ on each other couple from the Midwest, replied, “3:40. Why?”

“I wanted to grab something to eat. Burger King closed at 3:30.”

The dealer shrugged and said, “Subway’s open 24/7.”

“Deal me in….”

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