Too Much Information

I had been given the task of editing and updating our current training videos. For one in particular I needed someone from Intimates to help me review “The Perfect Fit,” a video about how to correctly measure a woman to determine her bra size (because 70-95% of all women wear the wrong size bra, apparently).

We watched the 9 minute video, each of us taking notes throughout the process. Afterwards, she turned to me.

“Well, it doesn’t even touch on pregnant women and nursing bras. And that’s an important part of our business. It can be very dangerous to give bad advice to pregnant women.”

I thought to myself. Hmm. Giving bad advice to a pregnant woman. Inconsiderate? Yes. Dangerous? Not seeing it.

She took my silence to be tacit agreement.

“For instance, if a pregnant woman is wearing the wrong size bra, she can get mastitis.”

I continued to look at her in silence, feeling a glaze forming on my eyes.

“Have you ever nursed?”

I felt myself starting to nod, but then vehemently shook my head.

“Well. I’ve nursed three babies and all three times got mastitis. Do you know how painful that is? Do you know what mastitis is? Your milk ducts get completely blocked, then swell up – they’re huge. And so painful. And it can happen even before you’re nursing. You just have to be pregnant and next thing you know – mastitis.” She said all of this while rubbing her breasts, to emphasize how painful this could be.

By now my glazed eyes have turned into a blank stare. This really is so much more than I ever wanted to know about someone I work with.

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