What Next???

“Matters of Taste

The latest in tasteful eyewear

by David Shaw, LA Times

A German company has created frames with detachable arms you can use as chopsticks. But why? So I saw this story not long ago about a German company that sells eyeglasses with detachable frame-arms that can be used as chopsticks or forks…”

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My first thought was – oooooo. Gross. Eating raw fish with something that’s been perched behind your ear all day. Yuck.

My second thought was – oooooooo. Putting on glasses that have been dipped in soy sauce and wasabi that have clasped raw fish. Yuck.

But I like where he went with useful combinations.

Watch/corkscrew. Not bad.

Tie clasp/Eucharist shell holder. Not so much.

What else????

How about poncho/waterproof tablecloth? Great for those days in the park where you need something to lay your picnic spread on… in a little precipitation.

Earring/clam shucker. Could be useful.

Ring/dental floss dispenser. You always need dental floss at the most inopportune moments. Swirl it up in a fancy shmancy bling bling ring. Problem solved.

Countless other opportunities…

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