But Why?

She suggested it thinking we would watch a light-hearted musical comedy.

About halfway through the movie tears slowly, gently, started sliding down my cheeks. As the scene progressed, the tears came more and more quickly until I was heaving silently, trying to breathe through the sobs retching my body.

After many minutes, she leaned over. “Are you okay?”

I merely nodded as we continued to watch the movie, me unsuccessfully trying to silence my sobbing, her unsuccessfully wondering what was causing me to react so. After the movie ended, she merely looked at me, not sure what to say.

I tried to explain. “It’s just so tragic. A complete tragedy. Two people. Trying so hard, but with different goals. Trying to accept each other, trying to accept themselves for what they each were. Wanting something so badly and not getting it, not being able to offer it… He loved her, there was no doubt, but he couldn’t love her the way she wanted to be loved…”

The crying finally subsided three gin and tonics and many hours later. I still think it’s one of the greatest tragedies…

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