He sat down next to me at the Japanese restaurant we went to after hours. Word on the street was you could order “cold tea” and a mug of beer would be brought to you. And it was.

Everyone in our assorted group introduced themselves and the conversation flowed freely. He was a law professor. She was an interface design consultant. He was an engineer. We talked about the Convention, about politics, about past experiences. He mentioned the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. I was the only one who hadn’t seen it (not surprisingly). They talked about the scene where an egg is thrown at President Bush’s car during the inauguration. He quietly said, “That was me.”

We all turned. “Yeah. That was me. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to throw an egg. So I loaded up a trench coat with eggs and headed over.”

We continued to stare.

“The first one fell short. So I lobbed the next one and it landed square on the windshield. And then I noticed a wall of Secret Service agents running towards me.”

We continued to stare. Finally I asked, “So what did you do?”

“I ran. Someone later interviewed me about it. The first question they asked was ‘Why’d you do it?’ I thought it was a good idea. The second question they asked was, ‘What do you do for a living?’ They found it quite amusing when I answered I was a law professor. At Harvard.”

Later in the evening he asked me if I would teach him how to blog. Of course. He wrote down his contact information, with a small picture of an egg beside his name. Just in case I forgot which one he was.

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