Boston Vibe

I can’t get over how nice people are in Boston. People are constantly offering me help with directions, espousing trivia about this fine city, volunteering to carry my luggage. On my way to the airport I met Michael, the Jewish funeral director from Scholinski’s (not sure of the spelling – but he emphasized it was a Jewish funeral parlor – it’s different, you know). He offered to carry my suitcase up the T stairs as I transferred to another line. We began talking; I explained I was in town for the Convention. He wanted to know where I was from, what I did. He told me all of the wonderful things I should have done while visiting Boston: the Freedom Trail, the Kennedy Museum, the duck tours, Boston Commons, the list was endless. He then insisted I return to his fine city, and call him when I did – that he would give me a personal tour of the city. I’ve never been anywhere with so many hospitable ambassadors.

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