Oh the Irony

They weren’t boxed. 3000 “I’m a Healthcare Voter” folded signs, stacked in a corner of our headquarters, the Boiler Room, bundled randomly with strips of shrink wrap. This made them difficult to carry and even more difficult to stage. We did our best. We stacked them high in two piles. They were on the schedule for Wednesday but weren’t used. Thursday morning we needed more room in the staging areas for Thursday night’s signs. As I was surveying the area, a man walking by shouted, “Watch out!” I turned just in time to see a thousand signs avalanche towards me. I jumped back, narrowly avoiding being buried. They slammed into my shins, right at the area where there is the least amount of fat, muscle, or skin. The tears welled up in my eyes, but there was no time to cry. I was almost maimed by the healthcare signs. Go figure.

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