Third Time’s A Charm

We walked to our favorite Mexican lunch spot. As we neared, he said, “Hmm, there aren’t many cars in the parking lot. I wonder if they’re closed today.”

“No, they wouldn’t be closed. It’s July 6th. They’ve had plenty of time for a holiday.”

We walked closer. “But that charbroiled stove in the corner of the parking lot does concern me,” I said.

We came even nearer. “I think they are closed,” I offered. “It looks like maybe there was a fire – do you see all the debris in the parking lot?”

Sure enough, there was a note on the door. “Due to a minor kitchen fire, we’ll be closed for the next month.” Aiy-yai-yai, La Pinata. Our favorite Mexican lunch spot. Closed for a month. That’s unfortunate.

We re-traced our steps almost back to the office. We had two choices of Chinese restaurants. “Let’s go to this one,” I suggested, motioning towards the closer one. We walked several steps before noticing the “Closed” sign in the window. “Oh.”

I was ready to head back to the company cafeteria. “No, no, no,” he countered. “I know this other place is open.” We walked up and sure enough, they were open, lunch specials and all. Sometimes you just have to have a little persistence.

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