Lori-Lori Loo, Where Are You?

It’s not particularly original, but it did make me laugh. My friend was waiting for me to meet him for drinks; I was obviously taking longer than he expected. This appeared in my inbox:

Lori- Lori Loo, Where Are You?

We Got Some Work To Do Now.

Lori- Lori Loo, Where Are You?

We Need Some Help From You Now.

Come On Lori Loo, I See You . . .

Pretending You Got A Sliver.

But You’re Not Fooling Me,

Cause I Can See The Way You Shake And Shiver.

You Know We Got A Mystery To Solve,

So Lori Loo Be Ready For Your Act.

Don’t Hold Back!

And Lori Loo If You Come Through

You’re Gonna To Have Yourself A Lori Snack!

That’s A Fact!

Lori- Lori Loo, Here Are You.

You’re Ready And You’re Willing.

If We Can Count On You, Lori Loo,

I Know We’ll Catch That Villain.

I called him, didn’t even say hello, and just laughed. “You’ve made your point; I’m on my way.”

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