We went to see The Twilight Samurai at the Balboa, one of the old movie houses of San Francisco. Having come straight from work by way of happy hour, I was starving. I ordered a medium popcorn. It came to $3. I commented what a bargain it was. The concession boy offered, “Well, you could have gotten this tub (pointing to the super sized gallon receptacle) for only a dollar more.” I stared at its vastness. “Uhm. Thanks, but there’s no way I could eat all that popcorn.” He countered, “Well, eat what you can, take the rest home for the kids.”

Kids? How old did he think I was?

I mentioned this to Emily as we took our seats. “Lori, please.” Yes, I was vindicated. Emily would confirm I didn’t look old enough to have children. That’s what best friends are for.

“Lori. Not only are you old enough to have kids, you’re old enough to have kids that work at this theater.”


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