All In The Details

I’m one of the team leaders for our company’s AIDS Walk team this year. One of my duties is to procure boxed lunches for the 1000 team members who will participate in the walk. I’ve called various catering companies in the city, comparing lunches, comparing prices, getting a feel for who has the best customer service.

I asked one woman in catering sales to email me the details of what she could offer: price for 1000 lunches, contents of lunch, key dates for orders, etc.

She replied:

“I hope XXX company can work with you. Box lunches will be $10 each. This includes a sandwich, salad, dessert, fork, knife, spoon, condiments, and a high quality disposable white napkin.”


I kind of assumed the box lunch would contain those individual items. But I had hoped for more detail on the edible items and not so much on the inedible.

Note to self: If I ever run a catering business…

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