When Was the Last Time You Saw a White Rabbit?

See, this is what you are supposed to ask someone when they have the hiccups. Then they magically disappear. The hiccups, that is, not the person. I taught this to my co-workers and they are amazed that, for whatever strange reason, it works.

Jenifer is 6 months pregnant. The stage when it’s starting to get uncomfortable to sit for too long. The stage when the baby starts kicking and pushing and making its presence known.

This morning, she laughed as I walked past her cube. I stopped, curious. “I tried your trick last night.”

I was perplexed. Trick? What trick? What trick had I taught her about pregnancy and/or babies?

“See, we were watching tv. And the baby started kicking. At least it felt like a kick at first, but then I realized the little thing must have had the hiccups. Every couple of seconds, a small shudder. So I grabbed my belly and said to the little one, ‘When is the last time you saw a white rabbit?’ There was a momentary pause, then the shudders stopped. It even works in utero.”

2 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Saw a White Rabbit?

  1. Hello!! I know this is quite the old post but, I’m extremely curious about the phrase. If you don’t mind me asking and if you happen to remember, where did you first learn about saying this? Do you happen to know anything about where it originates?

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