You, Too, Can Be a Government Employee

Chuck had suggested it many months ago. We decided that yes, it was a good idea. We could study for it together, sharing resources, pushing the others to do their best. We registered in mid-January.

And the test is tomorrow. The Foreign Service Exam. We never studied together as a group. I barely studied individually. I had grand plans, I did. I would tackle a new subject each week. Fifteen in all: English usage, United States government, United States political system, United States Constitution, United States foreign policy, United States history, United States society, customs, and culture, World history, World geography, Economics, Mathematics and statistics, Psychology and human behavior, Management principles, Public communications and media, and Computer applications. Then I would be ready.

Today a friend asked me if I was nervous. “No. Not really. I mean, I definitely could have studied more. But I didn’t. I could have been more prepared. But I’m not. So I’ll do my best. If it seems like something I really want to pursue, I’ll have a year to study before the next test.” Except I probably won’t. Study, that is. Seems like I always have great intentions….

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