We were walking down Powell Street, heading towards Northstar Bar in North Beach. Chatting – how was your week? What’s been going on? Any new dates?

We smelled them first. Grill. Smoke. Meat. We each inhaled more deeply. No mistaking. Yes, meat. Grilled meat. Delicious, scrumptious, grilled meat. We passed by the tiny Weber grill. He said, “Hey, can I have a pork chop?”

The response. “Sure, here you go.”

We were reluctant.

They were giving away pork chops?

What was this?

“Really?” he asked. “You’re giving away pork chops?” Yes. Yes. Here. Take one. We do this every Saturday.

He took one, wrapped in foil. He tore a few bites off then offered it to me. Lime. Tequila. Heaven. I chewed, then turned for another bite. “So good. Mmm. So good,” was all I could say.

We walked in silence, savoring the exquisite taste of the pork chops. He tore the last bite from the bone, then looked at me before throwing away the foil in which it had been wrapped. We both nodded. A culinary delight. Found. On the streets of North Beach. Mmmmm.

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