First, he called me saying he had a dream that we were on a train, barreling through the middle of nowhere. Fair enough. Not a strange dream. Could be interpreted in many ways. One of which being, we’re on The Amazing Race, traveling through the unknown.

A few days later he called again. “Do you have a minute?” “Sure,” I replied. “Okay, so last night, here’s what I dreamed. We were at the edge of a body of water. It was a swim challenge. We were discussing who should do it – you or me. I argued that I should do it, because you had done all the tasks so far and I looked like a wimp. You argued that you were a better swimmer. We argued, back and forth, back and forth. Next thing I know, you’ve dived into the water. ”

“Really? I did that?” I responded.

“Yeah. And I was so pissed. That’s so not teamwork.”

“Sorry,” I offered, feeling a little regret, yet knowing that’s what I would have done in real life.

“But then, I watched you swim. And I thought to myself, ‘Damn. She really is a better swimmer.'”

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