Them’s Some Fortunes…

We were invited to a birthday/Easter party where 7 people of the 15 invitees would be celebrating April birthdays. Emily arrived at my apartment; we were going to BART over together.

“We can’t just show up empty-handed. I mean, it is a birthday party after all. Even if it is for 7 people.”

“But it’s 7 people. It’s not like it’s just one person and the party is all for them. Do we really need to bring gifts?”

“I’d feel better if we brought at least a little something (this being said half an hour before we were scheduled to leave).”

“How about Easter baskets? That would be appropriate. Let’s go to Chinatown and pick some up on the way to BART.”

Minutes later, we wandered through Chinatown. Nary an Easter basket to be found. Emily sighed. “I’m not sure what I was thinking. I guess Chinatown really isn’t the best place to buy Easter presents.”

“Well, I’m sure we could find something – let’s go in here.”

We perused the tiny shop. “Hey! Let’s get red envelopes and put lottery tickets in them – combined with some Easter candy, that’s a fun gift!”

Emily piped up, “And here are fortune cookies! That’s fun, too!”

Within 45 minutes, we were on BART, headed to our destination, with all seven birthday/Easter gift bags packaged together, full of red envelopes, lottery tickets, fortune cookies, and Easter novelties. Emily handed me a fortune cookie. She smiled, “I got two extra – one for you and one for me.”

I love fortune cookies, just for the hope of what it might say. Emily read hers first, “Fat Fong say: 50 year old men are like bananas – the older they get the less firm they are.” We looked at each other in surprise. “What’s yours say?” she asked.

I broke my cookie open and munched on half of it as I read, “He who thinks with his head is smart – he who thinks with his other one is happy.”

We burst out laughing. Considering the recipients, the dirty fortune cookies were so apropos, even though they had been obtained by pure accident.

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