The Audition

We showed up at 7:50 am. The casting call didn’t officially begin until 10:00 am, but I was sure there would be a horde of people there. There wasn’t. We were team number 13 in line. Lucky 13, I whispered to Rob. We’re so on our way to a million dollars.

We compared our applications. As we each read our varying answers to the same questions, exclamations of “Unh Uh!” and “No way!” poured forth. At one point I tossed his application down and said, “That so did not happen that way.” If nothing else, it was hard evidence that there always really are two sides to a story.

We waited until our group was called. We handed the lady our applications, showed her our passports. She ushered us to a couch to wait. “What should we say?” I began. “Don’t look down, whatever you do, don’t look down, it makes you look like you have folds in your neck. Ugly,” he answered. “Okay, but we have to be chipper, enthusiastic,” I retorted. “But not too much, don’t go overboard,” he countered.

They called us in front of the camera. The screening lady asked us to answer 3 questions: What is your relationship? Why do you want to be on The Amazing Race? and How do you think your relationship will change if you are on the program?

We were doing fine until the third question. Rob looked at me, then in all earnestness told the camera, “You know, I’m more worried that we will actually get picked to be on the program, rather than we won’t make the cut. I’m not sure if I could spend 45 days with Lori…” His voice began to trail off, “Yeah, some days, you know, I really like Rob, but others, can’t stand him – yeah, not so much. We’d either be so tight, or not speaking at all by the end of the race. It’s that whole love/hate thing.”

The screening lady laughed, then thanked us. Call-backs, if they happen, will be in May. Stay tuned.

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