There are days when I think I will implode from too much happiness. Absolute, continuous moments of perfection. Today was one of those days. I awoke in a bedroom awash in a warm blush, sunlight warming the room. I began the day with a bike ride to Ocean Beach, the relish of feeling my legs burn as I cycled up hills augmented by the delight of the strong ocean winds, blowing briskly across my warm body. Lunch at the Beach Chalet, enjoying tender, flaky crab cakes and a freshly brewed local beer. Biking through Golden Gate Park, watching parents teaching their children to ride their first bikes, gazing at lindy-hoppers swinging to Big Band sounds in the old bandshell, listening to impromptu jazz sessions filling the tunnels with haunting, soulful tunes. Meeting Tricia and Emily to see Cedric’s performance. Listening, in awe, at new compositions of I Can See Clearly Now, Autumn Leaves, and my favorite, Just The Two of Us. Still humming as I made my way back home, in utter disbelief as I scored a primo parking spot within the first four minutes of searching. A perfect day.

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