Recently at work we have been inundated with emails from Indian companies offering e-learning assistance. I’m not sure what list we got on, but it’s a widely circulated one.

Each time we receive one of these emails, my director forwards it to me and asks me to check it out. So I spend a few minutes reviewing websites, looking at previous clients, previous projects, and then usually fire off a “no, thanks” letter.

The most entertaining company so far, though, is this one.

On their web site, they list not only the expected mission statement, but also a locomotion statement and values statement.

Mission: to help change the way the world learns.

Locomotion: we march on two legs: our systems and our creativity.

Values: we go deep. we spark each other. we never give up.

Locomotion statement? That’s a new one. Maybe I need a locomotion statement…

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