February 29th

“Oh, all-a night long, pretty woman-a pick me up,” bemoaned the cabbie.

“Oh, really?” I bemused.

“Yes-a. Just look a you. In my cab. I’ll say yes, you know.”

I was slightly taken aback. Yes to what? What question was he expecting me to ask? What question was he waiting to say yes to?

“It’s-a leap year today, you know? Just-a barely, but a leap year. February 29th. Extra day.”

“So it is.” I glanced at my watch. We were barely 1 hour into this special extra day that only comes once every four years.

“You-a know what that means, right?”

Well, I know what spring forward, fall back implies. Either one more or one less hour of sleep. But February 29th? Besides an extra day? No. I didn’t.

“It’s-a your day, sweetie. You-a get to ask any-a man to marry you. And look where you are. In my cab. And I-a happen to be-a single. It’s your-a lucky day. I could be your first, you know…”

I guffawed. For some reason, when a 60-something year old, silver haired taxi driver uses these lines on me, it’s not offensive, but endearing.

“Keep the change. And happy February 29th. May you receive multiple marriage offers tonight…”

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