The BART doors opened at the Montgomery Street Station. Commuters poured in, eager to go home after a long day at work.

Beep, Beep.

The doors closed and the train started moving. Slowly at first then picking up speed. The conductor’s voice boomed over the intercom.

“I apologize to those passengers who got blasted by the horn. It wasn’t meant for those of you who were following safety regulations. But, let me tell you this, those people who were standing over the yellow safety line, I was honking my horn at you. Yes, at YOU! And I will keep honking my horn until you step away from that yellow line. Because that line is there for your safety. Your safety, you hear? So don’t be stepping over it. Because if you are, I’m going honk my horn over and over and over til you step back. Again, I apologize to those passengers who were behind the yellow line, having to endure the loudness of the horn. BUT LET ME TELL YOU. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY. THIS IS FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE OVER THE YELLOW LINE. DON’T BE STANDING OVER THE YELLOW LINE. I WILL HONK AT YOU UNTIL YOU MOVE. IS THAT CLEAR???? (deep breath, then very calmly) This is a safety reminder while riding BART. Thank you for riding and have a nice day.”

I couldn’t get off the train fast enough at the next stop.

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