What’s That, You Say?

I received the second UPS delivery attempt notice. Knowing I wouldn’t be at home the following day to receive the package, I logged on to the UPS website to request the package be routed to my work address. My request was completed successfully and I closed my browser window.

The next day, I received a final delivery attempt slip at my apartment. I checked the UPS website and it registered the change of address rerouting request, but just to be on the safe side I called the customer service number. The customer service representative looked up my tracking number, assured me that yes, it was being rerouted to my work address and bade me a good night.

Two days later I received a postcard from UPS, at my home address, saying they had attempted to deliver a package three times, I wasn’t at home, so it was now my responsibility to pick up the package at the UPS service center across town. I was befuddled. I called the customer service number again. Surely there was some mistake. The friendly customer service representative tracked my package and explained that they had attempted to deliver it three times, so now I had to come pick it up. I explained how I had requested it be delivered to an alternate address. She clucked her tongue and said, “Oh, I see here that you did request your package to be rerouted. But you requested it after 7 pm, and that just won’t worky-worky. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.”

I know she said more after that, but I couldn’t concentrate. All I could focus on was that a grown woman, in a professional context, had just told me something wouldn’t worky-worky.

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