The Amazing Brain

It’s amazing how fast the mind processes information. Case in point:

Emily and I rode the chair lift, sandwiching a mother and her young son, them both on skis. Emily and I were on our snowboards, simply enjoying the beautiful day, the fresh air, the snow covered pines against a devastatingly perfect blue sky. We prepared to dismount. Emily bolted off first and was down the slight hill much before any of us. I was slightly ahead of the mother and her son. I heard the mother, “Tristan, veer left.” As I thought, “Oh, no. I’m to the left in front of them, this can’t be good,” I heard the click of her skis against my board then the piercing of not one, but two, sets of skis in my back as they crashed into me, knocking me over as well.

Time elapsed: 2 seconds. Max.

I turned around to see if they were okay. I began to offer to help them up and the mother scowled at me. I immediately replayed the scenario in my mind, wondering if I, not she, had been at fault. I was about to apologize when the ski patrol came over and said to her, “Ma’am, you really should try not to run over the people in front of you.” I second that.

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