Spell That, Please?

Recently someone at work really helped me out. Came in at the last minute and totally helped me pull off a pretty major project, and did it with a great attitude. I wanted to express my gratitude, so decided to send her flowers.

I work in Hayward. I’m not really familiar with florists in Hayward, so I turned to the internet for assistance. The first place I called had gone out of business. Hmm. At the second place I called a gentleman answered. I explained I wanted to order a bouquet of flowers, for delivery the next day. He very slowly affirmed my wishes, and asked me what I would like to order. “Hmm. Maybe a spring bouquet. Fresh flowers – maybe pinks, yellows, whites, something very fresh – very happy.”

Silence filled the line.

I waited.

“Ooooo-kay. Spring bouquet. Lemme write that. B – O – C – A – D – E.”

I’m scared to see what will arrive.

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