Why I Love Craigslist

Since I’ve lived in the Bay Area, I’ve used Craigslist in many ways. To buy furniture. To sell furniture. To give things away. To get things. To find a place to live. To find a job. To meet people. It’s the one stop shop for all and any of your needs.

Today I discovered my new favorite band, indirectly, through Craigslist.

Recently, I received a table wrapped in miles and miles of bubble wrap. The stuff that’s fun to pop and snap and step on and, occasionally, wrap breakable items in to mail. After I unpackaged the table, I began sorting the bubble wrap. I made piles of 12″ x 12″ squares. I rolled sheets into tubes. And more tubes. And more tubes. My kitchen was full of bubble wrap.

I posted to Craigslist. Bubble Wrap – pop, pop, pop! Free.

Within minutes, I received an email. From Justin. He needed bubble wrap. I called. We talked. In 15 minutes, he was at my door with a friend, ready to cart away all my bubbles. Before leaving, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a cd, and said, “Here. It’s our cd. That’s why we need the bubble wrap, to mail them.” Always interested in supporting local artists, I asked, “Where do you play?” Very modestly, he answered, “The Red Devil Lounge, Tongue N Groove.” I was surprised. I’ve visited those place often, but had never heard of his band, Ten Mile Tide. I thanked them, they wished me a Merry Christmas, and I closed the door.

I turned the nondescript cd, washed in red, over. The song titles were mildly interesting. What the hell. I tore open the plastic protection, popped the cd into the player. And was blown away.

Intricate melodies. Haunting fiddle. Strong beat. Smooth as silk vocals.

Thanks, Craigslist.

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