Street of Auto Parts Business

“Around Myeongdeok Negeori (Jct.) some body shops opened business for auto parts sale and car repairs in 1968. And then in 1978 when roads were expanded in the area, more businesses of motor vehicles gathered to the area to form a special street of 50 body shops.”

This excerpt arrived in today’s City of Daegu newsletter, the e-newsletter for English speakers living in Daegu. It’s been over a year since I’ve lived there, but I still haven’t unsubscribed from the mailings. I feel a strange sense of familiarity when I read about the highlighted tourist attraction (I remember stumbling onto the Street of Auto Parts Business and feeling as though I had entered the Twilight Zone for broken cars – you could buy nothing but auto parts for several blocks) or read the “Korean Korner” phrase of the month. Today’s phrase was “You’ve got the wrong number.” Normally the caller simply deduced that from the continual exchange of “Hello?” “Yob-a-sa-yo?” “Hello?” “Yob-a-sa-yo?” “Hello?” “Yob-a-sa-yo?” “Hello?” “Yob-a-sa-yo?” until one of the parties gave up, and hung up. Ahh, Korea.

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