You Don’t Write, You Don’t Call…

My immediate circle of girlfriends and I have run into quite an interesting phenomenon here in San Francisco – an epidemic of staggering proportions of boys who don’t call. These are not calls expected after random phone numbers are exchanged in dark, dank establishments as the bar tender bellows “Last call!” These are bona fide quasi-relationships. Boy meets girl. Boy asks for girl’s contact info. Boy and girl email flirtatiously. Boy and girl go on random first date (insert activity here: surfing, movies, dinner). Boy and girl arrange for second date, setting time, date, and activity. Boy says “I’ll call you to confirm.”

Fade to black.

No second date, no phone call, no notification from San Francisco General that boy is in Intensive Care.

Now I’m the first to admit, I don’t want to go out with someone who doesn’t want to be there. But, dammit, don’t tie up my calendar. If we’ve made plans and you’ve changed your mind, at the very least leave a message on my home phone while at I’m work and say something else has come up, say, a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness first hand the migratory patterns of the lunar moth. Or better yet, don’t make the plans in the first place.

I excitedly called Emily on Saturday afternoon. “Emily! I’ve got a true life example of a guy who is undaunted by the phone. Who masters it, manipulates it, refuses to succumb to voice mail.” Equally excited, she begged for details. “Well, Friday night George called. He said he missed me and wanted to get together this weekend. I didn’t have time to call him on Friday so Saturday morning he called again. He left another message, inviting me over to the East Bay for touch football on Sunday. I guess he got fed up that I still hadn’t called him back, so on Saturday afternoon he had his mom call me.” Emily laughed and we joked, “There’s hope. The epidemic may be broken!”

Okay, I guess it doesn’t really count, since George is in fact my godson, and he is only 10 years old. But damn, the kid’s got persistence. Love that in a guy.

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