Found Time

We were supposed to go abalone diving this weekend. We were planning to drive up the coast early Saturday morning, dive all day, roast yummy abalone over the campfire in the evening, camp, play night bocce ball, then come back on Sunday.

The weather reports today were, to put it mildly, ominous. The expert diver in the group sent out this message:

“Fellow abalone hunters..

…having camped in the rain on many a dive trip I can say that it is not the best way to experience the lovely north coast…and it becomes a much less social-sit around the campground and banter sort of trip…That said …rain won’t really change anything about the diving…it is going to suck..the conditions currently are as follows: …Wind Speed: 12-18 mph Surf: Overhead Sea State: Very rough Wave Height: 11 ft.”

We called off the trip.

I am so excited. I have at least 36 hours of bonus time – time to do anything I want. No one knows I will be in town, so I can be completely selfish in my decision. Ahh, freedom.

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