Tomorrow is election day. Per tradition, we gathered to discuss the issues. Pros, cons, who supports what, who receives money from whom. Short-term fixes versus long-term solutions.

The issues, as always in San Francisco, are varied. Here’s a rundown of what we’re voting for:




Prop A – $295 Million School Bond

Prop B – Retirement Benefits – City Employees

Prop C – City Services Auditor

Prop D – Small Business Commission

Prop E – Ethics Charter Amendment

Prop F – Early Retirement for City Employees

Prop G – Rainy Day Fund

Prop H – Police Commission

Prop I – Funding Set Aside For Early Childhood Education

Prop J – Separate Homeless Facilities for Seniors, Youth, and Disabled

Prop K – Transportation Sales Tax Renewal

Prop L – Minimum Wage Increase

Prop M – Aggressive Solicitation Ban

Prop N – Taxi Driver Disability

I encourage everyone to exercise their privilege to vote!

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