The Best Pick Up Line. Ever.

The pilot announced it was a full flight. I sat in one window seat, my co-worker across the aisle in the other window seat. We were prepared to sleep the flight away, sleep deprived as we were after 4 days in Sin City. A young, hip twenty-something with heavy eye make-up sat in the aisle seat in my co-worker’s row. A couple, just married, twenty years difference, sat next to me. At the very last moment, a strung out, sunglasses wearing, Ipod-listening, trendy dressing twenty-something sat in the middle seat next to my co-worker.

Within ten minutes, the hip twenty-something female and the trendy dressing twenty-something male were making out. Hands rubbing, lips touching, tongues intertwining.

He: What do you do?

She: I’m a massage therapist.

He: Really? That’s cool.

She: You know, you are not too firm, not too soft, you are just right. I’d so like to rub you.

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