It Could Happen To You!

Recently, at a cocktail party, Emily and I were discussing the benefits of LASIK eye surgery with a couple of guys we had just met. The conversation eventually focused on why we decided to have it done.

Emily: Well, I’m nearly blind, so in the event that I was kidnapped by Columbian rebels and forced to march through the jungle for days on end before finally managing to escape, I would want to have at least a fighting chance for survival. Because, if I had my contacts in, they would eventually dry out, they would pop out of my eyes, and then I wouldn’t be able to see, much less escape.

Me: Well, I’m nearly blind as well, so in the event of (insert favorite natural disaster here), I would want to be able to at least have a fighting chance for survival. Or, what if my plane was hijacked? Or, what if I was suddenly sold into white slavery? If I had better vision I’d at least have a chance of survival. Before the surgery – no chance. I couldn’t walk two inches without colliding into a wall.

Both men scoffed at us. They laughed, saying our reasons were ridiculous, that those life events never happen.

But they do.

Today, Emily forwarded me the following article. Thank goodness this fellow wasn’t concerned about contact lens solution.

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