The World Is My Porkchop (Express)

I slowly sauntered towards the bar, enjoying my state of being, enjoying the buttery air stroking my cheeks. Not cold, not hot, simply being. No one else shared the streets with me, street lamps slowly beginning to glow. I almost turned away from the bar, content to enjoy the rare solitary night in the city. As I drew closer, I heard faint notes. As I continued, the notes became louder, clearer, more recognizable. I realized I was smiling, unintentionally, my step quickening. I bopped up the stairs and entered the dimly lit, low ceilinged room. There at the end of the long narrow room were the boys of Porkchop Express. I gently elbowed my way through the Jack Daniels’ infused crowd. I sat down, inches away from the music.

I’ve known them for a while, maybe 3, maybe 4 years. But they’re different people when they’re playing their music. Concentrated bliss. Joy, radiating. And funny. Not that they’re not funny otherwise, but moreso when on stage.

I can’t really say which is my favorite of their songs. Hippy Girlfriend definitely has the catchiest tune, the chorus won’t budge from my head for days after a show:

Oh, I’m in love with my hippy girlfriend

and I just can’t understand

How she can smell like patchouli, and smoke lots of reefer

but still love a redneck boy like me.

But the music of Pancakes is haunting. The verse is melodic, soft, flowing:

Sunday afternoon and I’m sleepin if off.

Too many beers last night my mind’s in a fog.

Gotta fill my stomach with something solid.

Hollered my girl’s name and she got right on it.

Then, with utmost force and a clash of chords:

Bitch better make me pancakes

Make me pancakes.

And it works. The whole bar always sings along. And likes it. Even the women. Go figure.

But perhaps the best is an ode to the woman who bore us all: our mothers.

Momma never taught me my p’s and q’s

Or to wash my hands in the bathroom sink

I never learned how to tie my shoes

But momma she taught me, she taught me to drink.

I left the show with my head full of twangy, catchy country rock lyrics and a smile on my face. Thanks, guys.

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