Charlie Brown Moment

For the first time in many seasons we were not seeded last going into the playoffs. Anything was possible. We would clinch the season with a mighty victory. Go Slingshots! We took the field, short one player. The captain sent me to 3rd base instead of my comfortable position at catcher. I was ready. We were fired up. Lots of talk was flying around the outfield. “Go Slingshots!” “3 up, 3 down!” “Let’s go, defense!”

The first batter sauntered up to the plate. The pitch was thrown. He swung – CRACK! He easily made it to first base. “That’s okay!” “C’mon Slingshots!” “We can do it!”

However, all of our cheering did not prevent this trend from continuing with the next several hitters.

Finally. Our big break. A pop fly was hit. Up, up, up. It was mine. I did what I was supposed to do. I kept my eye on the ball. I watched. I moved. I called it. “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” I was under the ball. It landed with a smack in my worn glove. “Yeah! Woo hoo! I’m a player! I’m a player!” Right before I began my little victory dance, the ball magically jumped out of my glove. One bounce, right to the ground. The cheers that had begun mere seconds ago turned to groans.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

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