The Swedes

When Emily returned from Europe a few weeks ago, she brought with her some biber kuchen that she had been given as a gift. It looks like a large gingerbread cookie with a picture of frosted happy Swedish people frolicking in front of windmills on it.

We first took it to a barbecue. We cut a few bite sized pieces and placed them on a platter. People were curious to try this gingerbread concoction. After a few moments of chewing, each person would politely smile, keep chewing, then utter something to the effect of “That’s nice.” It wasn’t the culinary sensation Emily had hoped it would be. The general consensus was that it would be tasty on a long hike if you didn’t have anything else to eat.

At the end of the barbecue we Saran Wrapped the remainder. Linda took it, saying she would bring it on our next hike. It went on a hike, it attended another barbecue. None was eaten. At the end of the barbecue, Linda turned to me and said, “Okay, it’s your turn to take the Swedes home. Make sure to bring them to the next party.”

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