Tracks of My Tears

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve become unusually sensitive the last few days. Unfortunately, this results in me bursting into tears at the most inopportune moments.

It all began when I went to see Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde. Not what you would normally consider a tearjerker, but there I sat, tears streaming down my face during the movie in its entirety.

Then, as I was driving to Monterey for work, my radio station tuned into the only station that came across with any sense of clarity (which happened to be country), a song played. I had never heard it before, but it being a country ditty, the words were quite easy to make out. The chorus went something along these lines (my sincerest apologies to the songwriter for my butchering of the lyrics): God, the streets in heaven are already full of angels, so why do you have to take my daughter as well? That one resulted in me pulling off the road and blowing my nose with unprecedented force until I regained enough composure to carry on along Highway 1.

Returning from Monterey, I noticed, quite at the last moment, the gas tank was approaching empty with alarming speed. At that moment, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a small, no-frills service station and swerved uncontrollably up to a pump. After filling the tank, I went in to pay. In my smart business suit and high heels I appeared distinctly out of place among the plaid shirted, torn jeans gentlemen who either worked in said establishment or merely befriended the employee. The gentleman behind the counter asked me if I was traveling to San Francisco for the weekend. I met his eyes and replied, no, I was returning home after a business meeting in Monterey. He then replied, “So how’d it go?” I thought for a moment, then offered, “It went well. Thanks for asking.” He returned with such a sincere smile, “That’s so great.” I thought for a moment, then answered him with, “It is great.” And then the tears began rolling. I think that sort of freaked him out. But maybe not. Because then he countered with, “Welcome to Gregario. Glad you stopped by.”

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