Moving, Moving, Moving

Once again, I’m packing up my belongings and moving. Hopefully this will be the last time for a while, but for some reason I suspect not. This time it’s just across town, to a larger apartment, one more conveniently located for my commute.

In some ways, I marvel that I own so little for having been in the workforce for almost 15 years. Then, on nights like tonight, when I begin packing those seemingly so few possessions into boxes becoming stacked higher and higher, I wonder how I’ve accumulated so much. And why I need it.

I was making excellent progress until I began to pull a packed box (one never unpacked from the last move) off a closet shelf. I began to lose my balance, the next thing I knew I was showered with cascading high school and college yearbooks. Not sure those were the best times of my life, but they certainly were the heaviest.

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