The End

The end came excrutiatingly slow. The end to our softball season. We’re a fun team. Every time we take the field good times are guaranteed. But something has happened, or rather, has not happened, lately.

There’s a peculiar rule in the league we’re in. If a team scores 10 runs within an inning, they’re done. Back to the outfield. Time for the other team to have a chance to play ball. That rule was invoked upon us not once, but twice, in tonight’s game. Ouch.

What was especially painful was the very last inning. The umpire told the other team (at that point ahead by at least 20 runs) that in order to take their last at bat, everyone on the team had to switch hit. There were groans, meek protests of, “But I’ve never held the bat this way…” And yet they still scored.

Guess it’s a good thing we all have day jobs.

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