Today’s Special

The specials board read like the sushi chef’s own personal ad (roll names in bold, in the order presented):

Super Super S?xy sushi chef iso a Super Hot Hot Hot female. Size doesn’t matter, will consider any XX. Come be my Very, Very Sapporo Super No 1 gal (or maybe No 2) for this Sapporo SAM. I will be your Super Star, giving you a little Hawaiian Poke, making you scream Oh My God! I’m a man of many tastes – let’s share a Mexican Burrito and be Happy Together. Or perhaps you are a Tuna Lover? Let me take you to Paradise where we’ll feast on Fatty Toro then enjoy Super Super S?x all night long. But first, my dear, you must get your Energy Up, so please accept my specialty – a Spider, Unagi, and Oyster roll to put you, and only you, in the mood.

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